How often and when should I consume the Pre & Probiotic Fibre ?

The recommended dosage for a healthy perosn is 2 sachets per day. 1 sachet before breakfast and before sleep. Dosage may be doubled for people with constipation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

What is Probiotics?

Probiotics is a type of friendly bacteria known as Bifidobacterium.  It has been used safely and effectively for more than 2,000 years and shows beneficial effect with regards to the human health.

Why do I need to consume Probiotic Fibre?

The American Heart Association recommends a good and healthy diet that consisting 25 to 35 grams of fibre daily as fibre plays an important role in improving and sustaining a healthy body. Most of the people consume a diet consisting of less than 15 grams of fibre only.  Thus, external supplument from Probiotic Fibre is needed.

How do I consume Pre & Probiotic Fibre?

Pour 1 sachet into at least 150 ml of room temperature water or juice, shake well and consume immediately.

Why are some of the ingredients in Probiotic Fibre powder not soluble in the water?

The Probiotic Fibre powder is rich in fibre and is therefore less soluble in water. There is no need to ensure that all the powder is fully dissolved before consumption.

Why do I have diarrhea after consuming the Probiotic Fibre and how long does it take to see the effects?

Probiotic Fibre does not cause any diarrhea. The diarrhea you experienced is the result of Probiotic Fibre clearing excessive oils and extra waste from our intestinal track. The effect varies depending on individuals. To ensure the best results, cut down on food that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and fat, and include some exercise routines.

Will there be side effect upon taking Pre & Probiotic Fiber?

There will be No side effects as our Pre & Probiotic Fiber is comprised of all natural ingredients (fruits & vegetbles fibre) and no medication included.

Will it cause reliance after prolong consumption?

As our Pre& Probiotic Fiber is comprised of all natural ingredients (fruits & vegetables fibre) without chemicals, artificial colouring flavouring and colouring nor preservatives, it will not cause reliance after prolong consumtion. (Our founder takes it everyday since 2003)

Is it suitable for expectant women?

Probiotic Fibre contains natural fruit and vegetable fibre that will not cause any side effects. However, pregnant women needs a balanced nutrition and should consult their doctors before consuming any health supplements.

Is it subitable for children?

Yes it is suitable for children below 12 years old.  Our recommended dosage for them is half a sachet.

Is it suitable for people with gastric/digestive problems?

The amazing ingredients of Pre & Probiotic Fibre prevent the excreting of excessive gastric juice and removing unwanted wastes in your colon via enhancing bowel activities and moving.  Thus, it cleanse your colon and balances out the digestive system.

Is it safe to consume Pre& Probiotic Fibre with other health supplements or medicines?

Yes. Our product is made from natural fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is safe to combine and consume with other supplements or medicines.

How does Probiotic Fibre help people with constipation?

Pre & Probiotic Fibre softened the stools and aids in bowel movement.  Thus, it will be easier for people with constipation to pass stool.  (Usually GP charge S$80 to S$150 for constipation)

Will Pre & Probiotic Fibre improve my skin condition?

Yes. The condition of your skin will gradually improve with time because Pre & Probiotic Fibre will get rid of accumulated toxins in the body effectively.

Can Pre & Probiotic Fibre help with weight loss?

Pre & Probiotic Fibre helps in the process of losing weight, but it is also dependant on your own effort to cut down on foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and fat.

Why does Pre & Probiotic cause you to pass stool more than twice a day after consumption?

The Probiotic Fibre is working to remove accumulated toxic waste 6 to 8 hours after consumption. It allows the consumer to excrete most of the waste that was previously deposited onto your intestinal walls and colon by inducing bowel movement.

Can I substitute daily serving of vegetables or fruits with Pre & Probiotic Fibre?

Yes. Our Probiotic Fibre is extracted from natural fruits.

Is this product approved by HSA?

Our products are classified under AVA food supplement category and therefore do not require any certification or license to sell.

Is it safe to consume Pre & Probiotic Fibre when a person is sick?

Although our products are safe and do not cause any adverse side effects, any patients on prescribed medication should first consult their doctors before consuming Probiotic Fibre.

Is it true that most illness originates from our colon?

Yes. Most of illness originates from our colon which holds so much toxic waste for decades.