About us

Well-Wellness Crown

Well-Wellness Crown is a private owned Singapore Company specializing in the distribution and exporting of natural health products. Product of Singapore, Well-Wellness Crown has been enhancing our customer’s health since 2004.


Our Values - Your Health

Your welfare is our concern! The right product to maintain your good health is important.


Our Product

All of the Company's products are made from natural ingredients using the most advanced biotechnology. They are natural, simple to use, effective, efficient and free from adverse side effects. Our products are safe for consumption. We aim to enhance your health and vitality in the shortest possible time.


Why buy from Us?

Our Prebiotic and Probiotic Fibre is an amazing product. With our special formula, you are able to experience unbelievable results within 6-8 hrs after consumption as it will be processed through the digestive system naturally. TRY IT! THE PRODUCT CAN SPEAK BY ITSELF!

Our Lutein Organic Unskinned Baby Soya (LOUBS) is a plant based protein that does not contain cholesterols. Hence, it greatly benefits people of all ages. It contains 8 to 10 types of essential amino acids that is crucial for our daily bodily functions which we consume everyday in our meals. It also plays an important role in our health.

LOUBS may use for cooking ingredient such as:

Breakfast: One glass of LOUBS may replace milk for better nutrition.
Lunch: LOUBS may be added into soups, cooking rice and porridge.
Dinner: Substitute coconut milk with LOUBS for cooking curries and other prefered dishes. This provides more protein and essential amino acid for our daily healthier body needs.
Dessert: Substitute coconut milk with LOUBS can be added in Bo bo Cha Cha, Kueh Kueh and is able to replace creamer for coffee & tea.